If you are looking forwards to be part of Qatar Airways Cabin Crew flying team. We, Khun Crew Academy, we believe in you that you have the capability to put your wings on and fly into the borderless blue sky. Nevertheless, we would suggest you read what kinds of persons that fit in the criteria they are looking for.

  1. English proficiency level must be comprehended.
  2. The clear complexion and clean body skin without a tattoo, even under the uniform.
  3. You must have a descend attitude.

The above is very basic for all the airlines, but Qatar Airways is really seeking for number 1 which is the English proficiency. Yet, they are not asking for any test score. Furthermore, they have their own English exam during the recruitment process.

We would like to suggest you prepare yourself in the correct way, not to lose and not to stress yourself.

For more details, kindly contact us at line ID: khuncrewacademy

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