IMG_1775English Language Training

Good command of English is the utmost importance for learning and transmitting the knowledge pertaining to regulations, service procedure and operation of the equipment in the workplace.

The Syllabus combines detailed language input with extensive practice of language skills within authentic working contexts.

As well, the following courses are also offered.
-Writing and Grammar

Safety Training

We provided a foundation course to make the upcoming crew understand the first priority of their job functions. Because, when it comes to safety, it is important that everyone must reach home safely.

Hospitality Training Programmes
Hospitality is an act of service. The desire to confer care and concern on others. Always aim to go beyond the expectation. We offer;
-Customer Service Excellence Training
-Food Hygiene & Sanitation
-Food & Beverages Service Training
-Service Recovery and Customer Retention Training
-Personal Effective and Teamwork including Employee Motivation Training
-Leadership & Cultural Intelligence Training

Foreign Languages Courses

-Mandarin Chinese